Beoley Parish Council – D Day 80th Anniversary

Beoley Parish Council invites you to join the commemoration of the 80th D-Day Anniversary.

Parish Councillors and members of the local community will light a ‘lamp light of peace’ and undertake a reading of the ‘International Tribute’ at 9.15pm on 6th June at the following locations;

  • St Leonards Church, Beoley
  • Hillcrest Park
  • Portway, Parish Noticeboard

Email the clerk for further details


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BPC D Day Poster Download: BPC D Day Poster (127 KB)

BPC D Day Poster


Footpath Closure Notice 

24.04.26 C 1535 Closure Plan

24.04.26 C 1535 Closure Plan

5-day Works Closure for Beoley parish footpaths BE-588, BE-597 and BE-599, commencing 13 May 2024.
There is no alternative route.

Community Orchard

Worcestershire County Council has secured funding through the Coronation Living Heritage Fund for community Orchards and Mini forests in the villages and town of Worcestershire.

WCC can 100% fund trees and materials so if communities have suitable locations and some enthusiastic input from local folk then this coming winter Beoley could plant an orchard and/or little woodland.

Beoley Parish Council will be looking to use a section of the Parish Field, located at Beoley Village Hall, to create the mini orchard/ woodland. We are now looking for members of the community to be involved in the planting and ongoing maintenance of the tree’s.

Details of mini forests are at The Miyawaki Method | Trees Outside Woodland ( Whilst community orchards are a great asset being good for Wildlife, beautiful blossom and free fruit for local people.

If interested contact the Parish Clerk;

Becky Bowser –


Coronation Living Heritage Fund