Community Orchard

Worcestershire County Council has secured funding through the Coronation Living Heritage Fund for community Orchards and Mini forests in the villages and town of Worcestershire.

WCC can 100% fund trees and materials so if communities have suitable locations and some enthusiastic input from local folk then this coming winter Beoley could plant an orchard and/or little woodland.

Beoley Parish Council will be looking to use a section of the Parish Field, located at Beoley Village Hall, to create the mini orchard/ woodland. We are now looking for members of the community to be involved in the planting and ongoing maintenance of the tree’s.

Details of mini forests are at The Miyawaki Method | Trees Outside Woodland ( Whilst community orchards are a great asset being good for Wildlife, beautiful blossom and free fruit for local people.

If interested contact the Parish Clerk;

Becky Bowser –


Coronation Living Heritage Fund