Notice of Review of
Bromsgrove District Council
Polling Districts and Polling Places
Over the next few months Bromsgrove District Council will be undertaking a full formal review
of all polling districts & polling places within its area.
The review begins with immediate effect; Officers will then draw up proposals in a draft report,
which will contain details of representations received, including any of the (Acting) Returning
As part of this process:
 Any elector from within the District Council area may make representations, both during
preliminary stages (17 July to 28 August) and also later (12 September to 7 October) on
any detailed proposals;
 the (Acting) Returning Officer will also be commenting on proposed polling stations, and
any such representations will be placed on deposit for inspection, as soon as available;
 the Council welcomes the views of all residents, particularly residents with disabilities, on
the Council’s proposals, on the (Acting) Returning Officer’s representations or on any
other relevant matters;
 the Council welcomes any person or body with expertise in access for persons with any
type of disability to comment on its proposals, on the (Acting) Returning Officer’s
representations or on any other matters;
 persons or bodies making representations on particular Polling Stations are asked, if
possible, to suggest appropriate alternative places which might be used as polling
More information and a form for those wishing to make representations is available on the
The details of the existing electoral arrangements, and of the Review as it develops, will be
available for inspection between the hours of 10.00am and 4.00pm on any normal working
day at the Council Offices, Parkside, Market Street, Bromsgrove B61 8DA.
Details of all representations will also be made available for inspection.
Initial comments must be made in writing by 28 August and
representations should be submitted either by letter or by email to:
Polling District and Polling Places Review
Electoral Services Manager
Town Hall,
Walter Stranz Square
Worcestershire B98 8AH.
Telephone Helpline: 01527 881421
Dated: 17 July 2019


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Download: Notice of Review - BDC (97 KB) Download: Inital consultation letter - Parish Clerk BDC (73 KB) Download: Bromsgrove Maximum Electorates and polling stations May 2019 (230 KB) Download: Review Response Form BR1 2019 (1 MB)